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July 10 2015


Nactalia deal becomes latest Sodiaal move in China

Sodiaal is to launch an organic infant milk in China under its Nactalia brand, the French dairy group's second announcement in a week on plans to expand in the market. Eight days after outlining a joint venture in China for its Candia milk brand , Sodiaal said a new deal with the Chinese distributor for Nactalia would see the dairy co-op produce an organic line for the market.


China evacuates thousands ahead of Typhoon Chan-hom

This satellite image taken by the JMA MTSAT-2 satellite at 9;30 a.m. EDT on Thursday, July 9, 2015, shows Tropical Storm Linfa, left, tracking westward parallel to the coast of China, and Typhoon Chan-hom, over the Ryukyu Trench south of Okinawa, Japan, on a track heading northwest toward the China coast north of Wenzhou. Southeastern provinces in China were alerted about possible flooding and severe weather this week from both approaching storms.


China's underground banks spread pain as defaults rise

Fan Xiaolin, an engineer in Changsha in central China, thought he was safe when he deposited his family's savings of 800,000 yuan in a private finance company he said was recommended by employees of state-owned Bank of China. The company, part of an informal industry of lenders and investment managers that operates outside China's state-run banking system, collapsed six months later as economic growth slowed and businesses struggled.


Destitute man walks for a month across 2,500km of China's remote terrain to escape slave labour

The man, Li, walked 2,500km along an expressway, from Urumqi in China's far west, to the central city of Xianyang, near Xian. Photo: Sina A man walked for a month across 2,500km of some of western China's most inhospitable terrain after escaping from people who forced him to work as a slave at an illegal brick kiln.


Xi urges quickened construction of China-Russia-Mongolia economic corridor

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with Russia n President Vladimir Putin and Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj at the second trilateral meeting in Ufa, Russia, July 9, 2015. UFA, Russia , July 9 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday called on China, Russia and Mongolia to push forward the construction of an economic corridor linking the three nations.


[FORBES] 3 Lessons from Alibaba for Chinese Companies Going Global

Jack Ma NYC

Jack Ma, chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, recently returned to the city where his firm made history last year with its record-breaking $25 billion IPO. First in New York and then in Chicago, Ma emphasized the importance of ‘cross-border e-commerce’. This relatively new form of e-commerce enables Chinese consumers to purchase products directly from the US and other international markets via Alibaba’s TMall Global online platform. This booming industry is expected to grow from $40 billion in 2014 to as large as $240 billion by 2020. There’s a huge market up for grabs, and competition is intensifying – NASDAQ-listed JD.com recently launched its similar JD Worldwide, while other ‘pure cross-border’ companies like Shanghai-based Ymatou.com are quickly gaining ground.

Ma’s high-profile US visit had two goals. First, it enabled him to promote cross-border e-commerce and explain how American businesses can capitalize on the emerging phenomenon to sell their products to Chinese consumers. Second, it provided him a platform to address mounting concerns about counterfeit products being sold on Alibaba’s sites. Ma’s fluent English and ability to navigate complex and sensitive topics are key assets that have enabled him to connect with Western audiences. However, there are three more important lessons that Chinese CEOs who wish to ‘go global’ can learn from Jack Ma and Alibaba.


Last week I wrote a new piece in Forbes about how other Chinese firms can learn from the experience of Jack Ma and Alibaba. Particularly there are three important lessons that Chinese companies seeking to expand internationally need to get right:

  1. Be Visible
  2. Address Concerns Early & Directly
  3. Hire & Empower Local Employees

You can find the complete article on Forbes.com here.


How Western China is trying to clean up its act

In Western China, abundant but fragile natural resources are juxtaposed against lagging economic development. The unique region is home to many of China's ethnic minorities, such as the Zhuang group.

July 09 2015


Poisoning the Well of U.S.-China Relations

Investors look at computer screens showing stock information at a brokerage house in Shanghai, China, July 8, 2015 . It was bound to happen.


China Arrests The Short Sellers - All Is Well?

That was the word from the Communist Party last night as they halted one half the market and made it illegal to short the other half while the PBOC, the brokers, the banks and even Goldman Sachs went all in to pump up the markets for the Top 1% over in the " People's " Republic of China. Poor Mao must be rolling over in his grave to see the shenanigans going on in China this week as the Chinese government goes to EXTREME measures to prop up the markets and rescue the speculators who have helped to destroy the agrarian economy the Chairman built the country around .


Oramed talking to new potential partners in China after Guangxi Wuzhou deal collapses

Oramed is in talks with replacement Chinese investors after Guangxi Wuzhou pulled out of a plan to sell its insulin pill ORMD-0801 in China. State-owned drugmaker Sinopharm and the Hefei Life Science & Technology Park Investments and Development Co - which operates an insulin plant - have paid Oramed half a million US dollars for exclusive rights to discuss a licensing and investment proposal.


Wave of Chinese firms halt stock trading to avoid turmoil

Asian stock markets continued to react on Thursday as the ... . A Chinese investor uses a magnifying glass to look at his mobile phone screen as he monitors stock prices at a brokerage house in Beijing, China, Thursday, July 9, 2015.


Uber on a collision course with China's taxi drivers and cartels

The last thing taxi drivers need is a bunch of Silicon Valley coders flooding their market with low-priced competition. News of Uber racing into China brings to mind images of young, rich guys with naked girls in Ferraris, racing late at night on a Beijing ring road.


China, Japan brace as 3 typhoons approach

Three typhoons were swirling off the coasts of China and Japan Thursday with the first set to directly hit Hong Kong as the city of seven million battened down for the storm. Motorists ride past fishing boats tied up at Partouze Harbour in Keelung as Typhoon Chan-hom approaches off the northeast coast of Taiwan on July 9, 2015 Typhoon Linfa, packing maximum wind speeds of up to 130 kilometres per hour near its centre, was around 200 kilometres northeast of Hong Kong by early afternoon Thursday and was set to hit overnight.


'China has destroyed its stock market in order to save it'

China has announced a blanket ban on major shareholder selling for the next six months to try to curb crashing prices on Shanghai markets. The China Securities Regulatory Commission's announcement - number 18 for 2015 - orders shareholders with more than 5% to stop selling shares, because the stock market has become "irrational."


Report: Millions leave poverty, but not for the middle class

In this Dec. 25, 2014, file photo, shoppers pose for selfies near Christmas-themed decorations at a shopping mall in Beijing, China. In a report released Wednesday, July 8, 2015, the Pew Research Center says China's rise in living conditions, with 203 million people there moving into a middle-income life over the decade starting in 2001, has resulted in what the report calls a "pivot to the east."

July 08 2015


Russia economic winds blow cold in China border town

The warmth of the friendship between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin - who meet Wednesday for the eighth time in two years - does little to counter the bitter economic winds blowing through their shared border. In the Chinese city of Heihe, neon-lit high-rises line the banks of the Amur river facing Siberia's Blagoveshchensk powered by electricity from hydroelectric plants over the border.


Donnelly Highlights Senate Armed Services Committee Trip to Iraq, Kuwait, South Korea, and China

Washington D.C. -U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly Tuesday highlighted his recent travel to Iraq, Kuwait, South Korea, and China. Donnelly, who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee and as Ranking Member on the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, met in each country with foreign officials, U.S. military leaders, and diplomatic personnel.


8 injured in China plane evacuation after fire alarm

Eight passengers were injured after a fire alarm forced the emergency evacuation of a plane on Wednesday morning in east China's Anhui Province, said an airport official. A fire alarm in the cargo hold was reported shortly after Hainan Airlines flight HU7244 took off from the Hefei Xinqiao International Airport, bound for Guangzhou.


Kiwi scientists watch as China studies quake warning signs from animals

Devastation in Nepal after the April earthquake. Scientists in China are studying whether animal behaviour can indicate a devastating quake is on the way.


Parade of Pacific typhoons spinning toward Japan, Taiwan and China

Two typhoons spinning within 1,000 miles of one another are intensifying toward super typhoon status within the next 48 hours, and are raising alarms in far southwest Japan, including the island of Okinawa, as well as Taiwan and southeastern China. While the track and intensity forecasts are still uncertain for these two destructive storms, it is likely that one - Typhoon Chan-hom - is headed for a landfall in China, potentially near Shanghai, a coastal city of 15 million, after threading the needle between northern Taiwan and Okinawa.

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